Cora Uhlemann

Theoretical Cosmology

Teaching & Community Service


since 2018: Supervision of a PhD student for a research project

Oliver Leicht (PhD student of Paul Shellard at the University of Cambridge) 

led a project on non-Gaussian statistics for 21 intensity mapping, see arXiv:1808.09968

since 2018: Supervision of Undergraduate Courses in Cambridge Mathematical Tripos

small group teaching on problem sets, example classes, revisions for exam preparation 

completed University of Cambridge Course Effective Undergraduate Supervision

topics taught: Vector Calculus (first year), Cosmology (third year)

since 2016: Lecturing: Cosmology

July 2018 Summer School on Large-Scale Structure: Redshift-space distortions
-invited lectures by Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics
July 2018 University of Cambridge Open Day: The Skeleton of our Universe
-‘Topic taster’ lecture for prospective students of the Cambridge Mathematics Faculty
Oct 2016 Radboud University Nijmegen: Cosmology from the CMB to the Cosmic Web

-Guest Lecture invited by the Marie Curie study association for physics and astronomy 

March 2016 Utrecht University: Dark Matter – Evidence, Properties, Candidates, Detection

-Guest Lecture as part of the cosmology master-level course held by Dr Enrico Pajer

2014-2015: Organizer of International Winter School on Gravity and Light           

International Physics School in celebration of the Year of Light 2015 

funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation

Lecturer: F. P. Schuller, D. Giulini, M. Werner, V. Pettorino & B. F. Schutz 

Johannes Kepler University, Linz (Austria), February 1-28, 2015

You can find many of the lectures and some exercises on our YouTube channel

2014 – 2015: Supervision of a Master Student for Thesis Project

Laurent Beauregard: On a statistical mechanical approach to self-gravitating systems

-individual supervision of a yearlong research and connected thesis project 

 within the Master course ‘Theoretical & Mathematical Physics’ at LMU & TU Munich
-afterwards joined SEEDS training program for European space agencies & affiliated companies

2012 – 2015: Teaching Coordinator for Theoretical Physics Lectures

-developing exercises and examinations for courses at undergraduate and master level 

-grading of written exams and assessor for oral exams at undergraduate and master level

-topics: Electrodynamics, Classical Field Theory, Quantum Mechanics

2007 – 2014: Private Tutor for high-school students at Schülerhilfe

teaching high school students at all levels in Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science 

-group lessons of 90 minutes with 4-6 students each, totalling on average 6 hours per week 

-individual lessons of 60-90 minutes, totalling on average 3 hours per week

-several exam preparation courses of 180 minutes per day for 1-2 weeks during holidays


2018: Highgate School "Girls in Physics" Outreach Event

Talk ‘The Skeleton of the Universe’ and buffet dinner with female high school students from London

2018: Fitzwilliam College Natural Sciences Society Outreach Event

Talk ‘The Skeleton of the Universe’ and Dinner with high school students from London

2018: Mentor for Dr. Karl-Mey Foundation

supporting young scientists from Eastern Europe at the German Physical Society Meetings 

mentee: Albert Varonov, PhD student, Center for Space Research & Technologies, University of Sofia

since 2016: Public Outreach

-2018 personal interview for annual Fitzwilliam College News Magazine ‘Optima’
-2017 background interview for science magazine ‘GEOkompakt: Birth of the Universe’ 

-2016 radio interview with ‘Deutschlandradio’ about the Nobel Laureate Meeting
-2016 personal interview for ‘Women in Research’ Blog

since 2015: Social Media Activity

-Social Media Team of German Physical Society, publicising activities on DPG facebook page

-Women in Physics facebook page, weekly presentation of a ‘female physicist of the week’ 

-YouTube channel for Winter School ‘Gravity & Light’: 41 videos of the lectures & exercise solutions, more than 6000 followers

2012 - 2016: Founder, Coordinator & Mentor for Physics Student Magazine               

online-based magazine for and made by high school students with personal mentoring,
a novel concept that was recognized by the STEM ambassador award
-coordinating the mentoring between university students and high school students, matching of teams, topic identification and online publication of their articles

-engaging students on both sides of the team by combining scientific and didactic aspects -personal mentoring of five high school teams, three of which included female students

2011 - 2013: Leader of ‘Education & Young Talents’ Team within jDPG

creating a working group and developing a program for high school students and freshmen: -coordinating and expanding ‘Physics at Breakfast’ for high school students
-representing students within DPG Advisory Committee for high school education 

-welcoming address at the award ceremony of the German Physics Olympiad 2013 & 2014

2008 - 2010: Assistant at TUM Department of Mathematics 

-tour guide for school and university classes in Mathematics Museum ‘ix-quadrat’ 

-organisation and support for events on occasion of the ‘Year of Mathematics’


since 2017: Member of Fitzwilliam College Communications Committee

since 2017: Member of the Fitzwilliam College Governing Body as Trustee of Fitzwilliam College

since 2017: Member of the Social Media Team within DPG

facebook page of the DPG

YouTube channel of the DPG

since 2016: Member of the Advisory Committee of the DPG division Gravity & Relativity (GR) 

webpage of the division 'Gravity & Relativity' within the DPG

since 2015:  Elected Member in the Council of German Physical Society (DPG) 

representation of concerns of young physicists within the German Physical Society

the council is the 'parliament' of the DPG

2014: Co-organizer Symposium Physics for the Energy Turn at DPG spring meeting

Invited Speaker: Steve Chu, Gunnar Luderer, Eicke R. Weber and Rienk van Grondelle

The German Physical Society (DPGDeutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft) is with more than 60.000 members one of the world's largest organization of physicists. It has several divisions corresponding to the different scientific disciplines in physics such as the division Gravity and Relativity (GR) and interdisciplinary working groups such as the jDPG.

2013-2014: President of Young German Physical Society (jDPG)                      

Chairman of Federal Board of jDPG

Representative in Board & Council of German Physical Society (DPG)

2010-2013: Federal Board Member of Young German Physical Society 

Education & Recruitment of Young Talents

The junge Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (jDPG) is the DPG division for young members.