Cora Uhlemann

PostDoc in Theoretical Cosmology

Curriculum Vitae


since Oct 2017

Centre for Theoretical Cosmology

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)

University of Cambridge

Research Associate 

Relativity and Gravitation Group of Paul Shellard

Oct 2015 – Sept 2017

Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics

Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universiteit Utrecht

PostDoctoral Position

Group of Enrico Pajer

Nov 2012 – Sept 2015

Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics

Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität München

Excellence Cluster Universe

Doctoral Position

Group of Stefan Hofmann


2012 - 2015: LMU Munich

2015: Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) in Physics (summa cum laude)

Thesis: Theoretical models for the formation of the large scale structure in the Universe

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Hofmann

2007 - 2012: LMU & TU Munich

2012: Diploma in Physics (with distinction)

Diploma Thesis: Stability of Generalized Kasner spacetimes 

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Alejandro Ibarra

2012: Master in Theoretical & Mathematical Physics (with distinction)

Master Thesis: Cosmological Perturbation Theory in an anistropic universe

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Hofmann

2011: Bachelor in Mathematics

Bachelor Thesis: Renormalization of the regularized relativistic electron-positron field 

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Heinz Siedentop


2015: Universe PhD Award 'Theory' of the Excellence Cluster Universe

every year the Excellence Cluster Universe awards the best PhD Thesis in the two categories 'Theory' and 'Experiment' each of which is endowed with 2000 Euro.

See the press release (in German)

2015: Visiting Grant from Balzan Centre for Cosmological Studies (Oxford) for visiting IAP Paris

2014: Grant IAU Symposium The Zeldovich Universe: Genesis and Growth of the Cosmic Web

2013: Award MINT - Shaping the future Ambassador of the year 

as Co-Founder of Detektor physics magazine for students

2007 – 2012: Scholarship 

German National Academic Foundation

2009 – 2010: Scholarship and training 

Bavarian EliteAcademy

a foundation of Bavarian industries

2007: Award Karin-Elisabeth-Loos foundation for outstanding performance in physics


2015 – 2016: Co-Organizer of Utrecht Cosmology Symposium            

International Cosmology Conference with topics including

Inflation, String Cosmology and Multiverse, Quantum Effects, 

Cosmic Microwave Background and Large Scale Structure

Keynote speakers: M. Shaposhnikov, E. Silverstein, 

R. Woodard, M. Kamionkowski, F. Bernardeau

Utrecht University, Utrecht (Netherlands), June 27 - July 1, 2016

2014 – 2015: Organizer of Winter School on Gravity and Light           

International Physics School in celebration of the Year of Light 2015 

generously funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation

Lecturer: F. P. Schuller, D. Giulini, M. Werner, V. Pettorino & B. F. Schutz 

Johannes Kepler University, Linz (Austria), February 1-28, 2015

since 2014: Referee for Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP)


for more information please see the separate page about the 

(Young) German Physical society and my honorary involvement there


2014 – 2015: Supervision of Research Projects: Thesis for Theoretical & Mathematical Physics Master

Laurent Beauregard: On a statistical mechanical approach to self-gravitating systems

2012 – 2015: Teaching Coordinator for Theoretical Physics Lectures

Development of exercises and exams: Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics

2007 – 2014: Private Tutor for high-school students at Schülerhilfe


born on August 9, 1988 

in Gera (Germany)